Comprehensive Vulnerability Intelligence

Over 144,854 vulnerabilities, covering 157,627 products and 15,749 vendors including vulnerabilities not found in CVE/NVD making VulnDB the most comprehensive solution on the market

3rd Party Libraries

Over 750+ software libraries identified and tracked for issues

Data Export and API

Ability to integrate data easily with custom CSV export and usage of flexible RESTful API

Email Alerting

Ability to configure email alerts for multiple email addresses by Vendor, Product, Version and Search criteria

Research Team

Our team performs further in-depth analysis of select vulnerabilities to provide customers with the most detailed information available on cause and impact.

CVE Mapping

~ 100% mapping to CVE/NVD

Timely Alerts

24x365 Monitoring and Alerting

Risk Scores

Extended classification system and our own CVSSv2 metrics

Technical Analysis

Detailed analysis provided for vulnerabilities

Detailed Information

Over 70 data fields including vulnerability source information, extensive references, and links to solutions